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Safe is a wonderful feeling.

Since 2015 we have been a partner and the sole representative for the British company IndigoVision for the whole of Slovakia. IndigoVision offers one of the world's leading security solutions for all areas and types of clients. The quality and portfolio of solutions offered (available solutions, control software and technical support for partners) is proof of that.

The main goal of the camera security system is your safety and a feeling of security. This applies not just to you in person but to your company, your property and anything that is of value to you. Pixels, data rates, security cameras and software are not as significant on their own as the way in which all of these aspects interact with each other, by which they create a safety net that is reliable and very safe.

One of the main mottoes of the company IndigoVision is:


Others make cameras. We make people safe.

IndigoVision offers complete so called "end-to-end" security solutions that consist of security cameras with accessories, recording devices (servers), specific mobile security cameras, which can be attached to the body and used in the field by e.g. members of the security services, and software controlling the whole system. The performance and stability of our solutions guarantee uniformity and the compatibility of all of the components.

IndigoVision guarantees that you will be protected in the future as well, since we will provide you with a 10 year service (from the day of installation) for all the security cameras and devices of this company. For this purpose, IndigoVision stores spare parts for these devices for up to ten years, in case the production of these parts stops or is replaced by newer models.

Due to the unique distributed network architecture (DNA) of the IndigoVision solutions, it is not unconditionally necessary to have a central server for cases of potential network failures and faults. This solution provides greater durability and stability for the system as a whole.

The security systems of the IndigoVision brand are an "end-to-end" solution with all of the advantages of a enclosed system in terms of reliability and compatibility. But, at the same time, it is an open solution that is able to integrate many third party electric security systems, access systems, fire systems or perimeter protection systems. Software for the managing of the security of the control centre from the brand IndigoVision - Control Centre - is a fully integrated user interface intended for the managing of videos, access control, perimeter detection, alarm management - basically everything you need on a daily basis when working with a security system.

IndigoVision is fully modifiable and scalable – you can expand it at anytime in accordance with your needs, add extra security cameras or recording devices anywhere and at anytime as you wish. The unlimited license for the Control Centre enables an unlimited number of installations (locations), cameras, as well as images.

The IndigoVision security system is certified via thousands of installations all around the world (from airports and train stations through police stations, casinos and logistic halls, up to entire cities).

If you need more product information, or an indicative price offering, contact us by phone numbers 02/20713313 and 02/20713314, or by e-mail:

677 implementations

2881 maintenance services

15 years on the market

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